Vancouver Rodeo

At the 2017 Vancouver Rodeo, we'll showcase some amazing talent.  We look forward to our new additions this year. Check out a few of the personalities that will be joining us for great rodeo action!


Our Announcer:

alparsons.jpgAl Parsons 

We are honored to have Al Parson return again this year. Al has a unique announcing method that will get the crowds standing to their feet. It unites and melts the hearts of fans, cowboys and cowgirls alike. Within every person has been placed a desire to be different, distinctive, and to be an original. This is what you get with professional rodeo announcer, Al Parsons!


Our Rodeo Clown and Barrelman:


Joey "Hashbrown" Hackett

 Joey Hackett from Hutto Texas is a home grown southern boy with family roots going deep into cajun country. Joey is a dedicated family man with 3 children. A 16 year old daughter, 12 year old step daughter, 17 year old step son who has recently joined the MARINES, and a 5 year old son who has all desires to be a rodeo man himself.  From his belief in God to respect for his elders, he is very respectful and professional in every aspect. He climbs up in the stands and dances with the crowd to give them a more personal experience.  Rodeo has been in his blood since a child. Still a child at heart to this day, he plays with children at rodeos to encourage the interest in rodeo into the future. Working rodeos from Florida all the way to the Monroe Washington, he brings southern and cajun humor to releive any stress or worries you life holds. Featured as the 2013 Cajun Finals Barrelman/Entertainer Of The Year. In his show, you will never hear anything you can't repeat in church. Great professional appearence and attitude to help promote your event. "Promo work is just part of the job, and I love it!"

To learn more about Joey Hackett visit


Howell_Pic_1.jpgHowell Rodeo Company, Stock Contractors

Howell Rodeo supplies the finest caliber of rodeo bucking stock to rodeo committees and rodeo fans throughout the Northwest. To consistently produce the highest quality of athletic animals for future generations of RODEO FANS through our "Born To Buck" breeding program.




Chute side Photography

Photography of the 2017 Vancouver Rodeo will be provided by Chute Side Photography.


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